A Gentlemen's Bet Disclaimer

Disclaimer: Ari is mine, Stephanie, Bonnie, Mae and Ian are DNash's, everybody else belongs to Paramount. Isn't it nice how well they all play together?
Pairing: None, but slash-y all the same.
Rating: PG - 13 for one swear word.
Spoilers: Extremely mild for "Strange New World."
Feedback: Has made me the write I am! Please help continue the tradition. Email Squeaky Lightfoot

With thanks to my Betas: Maching_Monkey who always has times for my stories, even at 1 am Central time, and D'Nash who is really good at it, and knows her people better than anybody.

Author's notes: This story is not in canon with my stuff, but is in canon with DNash's "Log Rhythms" series. I highly recommend this series of the continuing adventures of the Enterprise crew.

The characters of Ensigns: "Ian Young," "Mae Lawless," "Bonnie Fraser" and "Stephanie Cormack" belong to DNash and are used with permission.

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