Payout Disclaimer

Rating: PG-13 for language
Spoilers: Umm… Don't think so.
Disclaimer: Mae, Stephanie, Bonnie, and Ian are mine. Ari is Squeaky's. Everyone else belongs to Paramount.
Feedback: Is always welcome, as those who've given it in the past know. :-)
Thanks: To my beta JennyB who's probably surprised that for once she didn't have to beta something NC-17. ;-) And huge thanks to Squeaky whose plot bunnies are prolific and tenacious and wonderful!

This follows immediate after Squeaky's A Gentlemen's Bet, and both fics fit quite nicely right after Log 2:16 in the canon of my Log Rhythms series.

The character of "Ensign Ari Cohn" belongs to Squeaky Lightfoot and is used with permission.

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