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Pinned Down Disclaimer

Standard Disclaimer: ENTERPRISE belongs to Paramount Pictures/UPN/Viacom and anyone else who has a stake in it. No copyright infringement is intended.

Rating: PG-13 for swearing.
Pairing: Rostov/Novakovitch Young/Rostov (implied)
Spoilers: Minor for D'Nash's Log Rhythm 2:20 and "Future Tense."
Disclaimer: Ian is D'Nash's, Ari and Savario are mine (not that they get to say anything this time…) Michael, Ethan, Trip, Malcolm, Hess, Phlox and Liz belong to Paramount.
Feedback: I need it more than Michael needs a ladder. Email Squeaky Lightfoot

With thanks to my Betas: The dynamic D'Nash, the sexy Sophia and the magnificent Maching Monkey.

Author's notes: This story is in cannon with D'Nash's "Log Rhythms" series, available at I highly recommend this series of the continuing adventures of the Enterprise crew.

The characters of "Ensign Ian Young," "Ensign Stephanie Cormack," and "Crewman Juliana Martinez" belong to D'Nash and are used with permission.

With thanks to Maching Monkey, who *always* has the perfect opening lines!

For Rien, who made that great picture of Michael in a sensitive moment.

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