Part One of the Boys in Peril series
Tied Up Disclaimer

Standard Disclaimer: ENTERPRISE belongs to Paramount Pictures/UPN/Viacom and anyone else who has a stake in it. No copyright infringement is intended.

Rating: R for swearing, violence and major macking.
Pairing: Young/Rostov
Spoilers: Minor for "Detained".
Disclaimer: Ari and the nasty aliens are mine, Ian is D'Nash's, everyone else belongs to Paramount. No segregationist policies here!
Feedback: I need it more than Ian needs a pair of wire-cutters. Email Squeaky Lightfoot

With thanks to my Betas: The dynamite D'Nash, the Super Sophia and the marvellous Maching Monkey.

Author's notes: This story is in cannon with D'Nash's "Log Rhythms" series, available at I highly recommend this series of the continuing adventures of the Enterprise crew.

The character of "Ensign Ian Young" belongs to D'Nash and is used with permission.

With thanks to Lieutenant Black Fire, whose great '5-minute' challenge was just the opening sentence I needed to get this party started!

For Kyrdwyn, who asked so nicely.

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