Playing Truant Disclaimer

Standard Disclaimer: They boys belong to Paramount Pictures/UPN/Viacom and anyone else who has a stake in Enterprise or any other permutation of the Star Trek universe. No copyright infringement is intended. Cormack, on the other hand, is mine.
Rating [R] for m/m nekkidness
Thank yous: To JennyB and Leah for sharing their first lines, and for being generally fabulous.
Author's Note: There was a First Lines meme going around live journal, and two of my friends were playing. Their games sparked this little ficlet that simply refused to go away until I spewed it all onto the screen. Hopefully JennyB will forgive my alterations to her first line, and my stealing of the scene she wrote off of Leah's first line. You two are just dangerous. I'd almost be sorry I introduced you to one another if you weren't so much fun. ;->
Oh, and ten points to the first person who spots the nod to Scott Bakula.
Timing: This fits chronologically nowhwere that I can figure out. Maybe it's a random S4 ficlet. I don't know. It's just a goofy little thing that I hope you'll enjoy.
Spoilers: None.
Betas: Almost none. The mistakes are all mine.

Credit where it's due: Here are the original first lines usurped for my own nefarious purposes:
JennyB: "Are you nuts?" I whispered in his ear as I tried to ignore the bite of his fingers in my elbow.
Leah: Malcolm came awake slowly, the thick darkness giving way to gray, and then finally the details crept back and he realized he was in sickbay--again--lying on one of the recovery beds.

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