Kingfisher Disclaimer

Timeframe: Late Season 2, between The Pirate's Curse and The Visitor.
Rating: PG
Summary: While looking for a way off the Plateau, the explorers discover an ancient Greek temple.
Disclaimer: The Lost World and all its characters belong to other people. No infringement of any rights is intended.
Additional Disclaimer: I don't speak Greek. My apologies to anyone who speaks the language for the mistakes I undoubtedly made.
Song Acknowledgement and Disclaimer: Lyrics quoted at the start of each part of this story are from Halcyon Days by Carolyn Currie. Check out her lovely music on her music page (including a snippet of this song): Carolyn Currie Music Page. If you like what you hear, consider buying one of her albums. She's a great artist and could use your support!
Spoilers: Most spoilers are minor; a few are downright obscure. Episodes: More Than Human, Camelot, Amazons, Stone Cold, The Prisoner, Mark of the Beast, Survivors, The Pirate's Curse; Fanfictions: Surface Tension, Laundry Day
Acknowledgments: As usual, I am indebted to DNash for her beta, particularly since she saved us all from the death of a thousand dashes. Also, sharp-eyed readers might spot a tribute or two to some favorite movies/books/etc.
Dedication: To Pam, a most heartfelt (if belated) birthday present.

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