Author: MonkeyBard
Rating: [PG] for suggestion
Length: 200 words (Yay, double-drabble!)
Reader prompt: Marguerite has to rescue Roxton (feel free to throw the other characters in as well). Smut is acceptable as well.
Thanks to sunkrux for the prompt. I hope you like the result!




Sensibly, Roxton was silent. Marguerite used teeth and fingers alike to undo his bonds. Free, he rose, ignoring muscles tightened by hours of captivity.

He stopped at the cave mouth and checked for guards. "All clear." Glancing back, he saw Marguerite quickly coiling the ropes. "Marguerite?"

She shrugged them over her head and across her body, then drew her weapon for their escape. "We'll want them later."

He frowned, confused. Her expression changed, coyness underlying her outward focus and intensity. Understanding dawned and he smiled despite imminent danger. "Always thinking, eh?"

She smiled wickedly. "And don't you forget it."



He strained at his bonds. They held tight so, instead, he strained to hear. No sound of a scuffle. No noises of distress.

He heard the elevator groan and creak. Were the others back already? He redoubled his efforts, but the ropes held him now as they had in the cave--although on a softer bed.


Brute force was useless. He fell back, eyes closed, resigned to humiliation.

Hands were at his wrists and in a heartbeat he was free.

"I keep rescuing you." Marguerite smirked.

Less amused, John donned his pants swiftly. "Yes, but who tied me up?"

Written and posted October 2011

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