Author: MonkeyBard
Rating: G
Summary: The long road home.
Date: 4 July 2015
JWP#3: The Well-Travelled Watson. "Travel and foreign lands." Use this however it inspires you.

It begins with a train. Crossing borders. Crossing the continent. The constant thrum of steel wheels against steel rails. The hypnotic rhythm a mixed blessing from mountains to coast.

A ferry follows. Crossing the Channel. The relentless slap and swish of salt water against the hull. Lulling. Never quite numbing.

Another train. Crossing from port to station.

A hansom cab crossing the city.

A door. A step across one threshold.

Seventeen stairs that have never looked longer, never felt steeper.

I cross the last threshold into an empty flat. I can no longer call it a home without my friend.

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