Kitchen Helper

Author: MonkeyBard
Rating: G
Summary: Mrs. Hudson has "help" in the kitchen.
Date: 7 July 2015
JWP #6: Unwanted attention Whether it's a client gone stalkerish or a secret admirer who won't take a hint, one of the characters must cope with unwanted advances. How he/she deals with it and what happens is up to you.

"Doctor Watson! Thank heavens you're home at last."

"What's wrong, Mrs. Hudson? You're not unwell, I hope."

She flapped a hand dismissively. "No. No one is ill. It's Toby. He got out of your rooms this morning, although I can't imagine how."

Unfortunately, I could. I'd left in a rush and there was a fair chance the ungainly beast had slipped out and down the stairs without my noticing when I'd hurried back for something I'd forgotten. "I'm terribly sorry. I trust the hound did no lasting damage."

"Not as such. In fact--" She lowered her voice as if confessing a secret. "I rather enjoyed having him about." She continued at normal volume. "However, about is entirely different from underfoot. He followed me all 'round the kitchen whilst I was trying to finish my baking. I shooed him out and shut him in the other room, but he whined so pitifully that I finally had to let him back in."

"You are a kind-hearted woman, Mrs. Hudson. I can see how that must have worn on you. I trust you were able to complete your task despite the interference?" I selfishly thought of my tea and what sweet confection might accompany it.

"Oh yes, I managed. Eventually."

"I wonder. What were you baking that kept Toby so enthralled?"

"Aniseed biscuits."

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