Edinburgh Afternoon

Author: MonkeyBard
Rating: G
Summary: Logic prevails on a murder case
Warnings: Silliness
Date: 26 Sept 11
Prompt: a trip to the zoo
A/N: September Reader-Prompt Fic #3. Thanks to spacemutineer!

"You're sure it's safe to let them march about like this?"

"They do it every day."

"We can't let them near the public. One of them may have killed the keeper!"

"Don't be stupid. It was her lover who murdered her and placed her here to mislead the police. It's pathetically obvious to anyone with a brain."

"Hmpf. I still don't like the look of that one."

"Ridiculous. Aside from his honoured standing as Colonel-in-Chief of the Norwegian King's Guard, there is no way Nils Olav could have killed her."

"Why not?"

"Simple, my dear John. Penguins haven't opposable thumbs."

The Edinburgh Zoo has a fantastic penguin exhibit featuring Gentoos, Rockhoppers, and King Penguins. One very special King Penguin who resides there is Sir Nils Olav, and you can read more about him here: Sir Nils Olav. Also of note is that they do a Penguin March every day. The various penguin enclosures are opened and any penguin who wants to can come out and walk the loop around the interior of the Penguin Exhibit. When the hubby and I experienced this march, Sir Nils Olav took his own sweet time, making absolutely certain that everyone saw him and that he was the last one back inside. That's a penguin who knows his place in high society!

Sir Nils Olav with one of his keepers in 2007


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