Author: MonkeyBard
Rating: R
Genre: Slash
Warnings: D/s; Bondage; Poetry
Date: 27 July 11
Prompt from Watson's Woes: Poem.
Requirements: You may do one of two things; use a poem of your choice in your fic (as in quoting part or all of it), or else write your fic in poem form. For this challenge, limericks and other forms of poetry are acceptable even though they will be obviously below the 100-word minimum.
A/N: Been wanting to use this poem for years. Glad to finally have found it a home.

The reed waits for his master's breath,
     the Master goes seeking for his reed.
~Rabindranath Tagore


Supple. Leather bands encircling his wrists.

Satisfying. Click of the clips as they are connected and hooked into place.

Security. The hands of the one person whom he trusts completely.

Strong. Fingers twisting the straps to the perfect tightness.

Sensual. Fingers caressing his bare, pale skin.

Stillness. Quietude of mind he can never find even in the music of his violin.

Smile. Full of promises soon to be fulfilled.

Shade. A blindfold tied tenderly around his eyes.

Submission. Freedom from the demands of his frenetic brain.

Sweet. A trail of kisses pressed along the curve of his neck.

Silence. Only the feeling of his lover's breath tickling his ear.

Sigh. The joy of releasing all control for once; for him; for himself.

Softly. "What's your word tonight?"

Surrender. "It's 'elementary', my dearest John."

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