Scars Disclaimer

Synopsis: The unexpected sight of an old scar brings back painful memories.
Rating: I'd say PG-13, but I'm not an employee of the MPAA. IMHO, it would pass on primetime TV in the States.
Spoilers: Cave of Fear, Prodigal Father, Fire in the Sky; minor details of some other eps which won't spoil anything if you haven't seen them.
Warnings: 1) This was written before either Legacy or Trapped aired. Consequently, it doesn't follow continuity past The Secret. 2) The treacle content is definitely high, although I'm told insulin is not required.
Timeframe: Deliberately unspecific, but after The Secret.
Acknowledgements: Infinite thanks to DNash, editor extraordinaire; and California Gal and Leahna, brave beta readers who insisted I post this in spite of myself.
Disclaimer: I don't own them. They're not mine. They belong to other people who are much wealthier and luckier than I am. No harm intended.
Author's Notes, Revised: This fic first appeared in the spring of 2002. I wasn't entirely satisfied with it, and I eventually decided to pull it after later events in Season Three made it decidedly non-canon. However, I couldn't resist alliecat's eloquent and far-too-kind appeal for its reinstatement, so here it is again.

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