Season Three Fics

by Zakiyah
A stand-alone challenge fic set between True Spirit and The Knife

by Zakiyah
A stand-alone fic set somewhere after The Secret
Please read the Story Disclaimer before proceeding.


by Ryalin and Zakiyah (with a little help from DNash)
A round-robin set between The Secret and Finn
Water, hearts, time: all can be frozen.

By Zakiyah
A birthday fic set between Dead Man's Hill and Hollow Victory

Best Laid Plans

By SunKrux
A birthday fic set late in Season 3
Rating - R

by Zakiyah
A stand-alone challenge fic set after Trapped


by Zakiyah
A short M/R fic set late in Season 3


by Zakiyah
A single-page challenge for Ryalin's birthday 2007
Marguerite really only does things one of two ways.


by Zakiyah and DNash
A round-robin set between Tapestry and Legacy
What happens when the explorers land themselves in hot water?

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by DNash
A stand-alone challenge fic set at the end of Season 3
Spoilers abound here!


by fitanna
A Season 3 drabble

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