Season Two
Season Three

Broken Bow
In which we meet the crew and they avert a Klingon Civil War
also introduced: Klingons, Suliban, Vulcans, and the Temporal Cold War

16 April 2151


Fight or Flight
In which Sato befriends a slug and Tucker adores pecan pie a little too much
also introduced: several dead Axanar on meat hooks

6 May 2151


Strange New World
In which we meet Cutler and Novakovitch who, with Tucker, T'Pol, and Mayweather take a voyage to trip-out city on a seemingly innocuous M-class planet

mid-May 2151


In which we meet the lizardy Xyrillians and Tucker finds himself knocked up by one called Ah'len

late-May 2151


Terra Nova
In which Reed getst shot and we discover a lost colony of humans who should have read Lord of the Flies before leaving Earth

early/mid-June 2151

Log 1
In which we discover Reed has the hots for a certain Chief Engineer

The Andorian Incident
In which we meet Commander Shran and some Vulcan monks hiding a dirty little secret amongst their religious artifacts

22/23 June 2151

Log 2
In which Reed's feelings begin to manifest in bothersome ways

Breaking the Ice
In which Reed and Mayweather build a Vulcan snowman and the rest of the crew answer letters from Irish fourth graders

July-ish 2151

Log 3
In which Reed is pleased to have a distraction to keep his mind off Tucker

Log 4
In which Tucker is crisped, and Phlox finds out what's been bothering Reed

In which we meet the nice Akaali and the nasty Malurians, and the gang really needs to set up some First Contact protocols

31 July 2151


early August 2151

Log 5
In which Mayweather makes an assumption and Enterprise discovers three mysteriously abandoned vessels

Log 6
In which a secret may be out, and Reed learns a little about baseball

Fortunate Son
In which Enterprise must intervene when a cargo ship pilot wants to duke it out with some Nausicaan pirates

mid-August 2151

Log 7
In which Reed has a falling out with a friend, and Mayweather's assumptions are put to rest

Cold Front
In which we meet Daniels, and the TCW rears its ugly head whilst religious pilgrims watch pretty lights

late August 2151

Log 8
In which Cutler gets curious, and Reed has a few opinions on alien visitors

Log 9
In which Reed confronts Archer, and Tucker has a date…maybe

Log 10
In which the crew enjoys movie night, and Cormack faces unpleasant memories

Log 11
In which a date is set, and Enterprise encounters the Estvali

Log 12
In which Enterprise makes a trade, and Cormack avoids an unwelcome order

Silent Enemy
In which someone attacks Enterprise, and we learn that no one knows anything about Reed beyond the date of his birthday

28 August -
2 September 2151

Log 13
In which Reed learns about Natalie, and Reed's birthday is celebrated by friends

Dear Doctor
In which we spend a day with Phlox

early September 2151

Log 14
In which Cutler and Mayweather each seek the advice of a friend, and Tucker and Reed deal with the Natalie issue

Sleeping Dogs
In which Reed catches a cold and then is stuck on a doomed Klingon vessel with T'Pol and Sato

still September 2151

Log 15
In which we see what they didn't show of Sleeping Dogs on the telly.

Shadows of P'Jem
In which we revisit the Andorians, are visited by Soval, and T'Pol gets shot

late September 2151

Log 16
In which Reed and others learn Cormack's secret, baseball season heads into playoffs, and Tucker and Reed take a new step


(finally) October 2151

Log 17
In which it's World Series time and Cutler's new RPG must wait

Shuttlepod One
In which Reed and Tucker are stranded in a dying shuttlepod and Enterprise rescues some Tesnians

9 - 12 November 2151

Log 18
In which Cutler's RPG begins, and
Reed and Tucker trade revelations while stranded - again, what you didn't see on telly

In which Enterprise meets some V'tosh ka'tur, T'Pol has a bad time of it, and we're subjected to some really irritating "jazz fusion"

November-ish 2151

Log 19
In which some of the crew enjoy gaming and/or a movie, the armory is awfully busy, and Cormack deals with a personal truth

Rogue Planet
In which we meet the Eska, who like to hunt things,
and in which Archer, Tucker, and Reed get to go camping

perhaps still November 2151

Log 20
In which the RPG reaches a peak, and
we get to see more stuff they didn't show on telly

In which we meet but never name the Ferenghi, and Trip runs around in his underwear…a lot

maybe December 2151

Log 21
In which everyone is dreaming and missing the chance to see Trip running around in his underwear…a lot

In which we meet some nice aliens hiding a rather bizarre secret

still December 2151

Log 22
In which Reed deals with insecurities, Archer confronts Tucker, work progresses on the energy barrier, and insomnia strikes some of the crew

In which Archer and Mayweather are kidnapped and held with a bunch of innocent Suliban

perhaps January 2152


Vox Sola
In which an alien takes over a cargo bay and several members of the crew

still January 2152

Log 23
In which Reed and Tucker's secret is finally out, Tucker faces another sleepless night, the women enjoy a "girls' night", and the energy barrier is put to the test
Log Rhythms Supplemental
In which Reed and Tucker enjoy a nice, refreshing shower

Fallen Hero
In which T'Pol's hero proves to be something less than perfect

9 February 2152


Desert Crossing
In which Archer and Trip play alien lacrosse and then get baked, and Reed gets to do some fancy flying

12 February 2152

Log 24
In which Archer and Tucker are rescued from Desert Planet, and plans are made for shore leave on Risa

Two Days and Two Nights
In which shore leave really only works out well for Sato

still February 2152

Log 25
In which others get to have fun on shore leave, the results of the officers' exams come in, and Tucker really doesn't like Cormack

Log 26
In which we learn how the crew spent the night before Shockwave

Shockwave, Part 1
In which the TCW really heats up despite the fact that the Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that time travel is impossible

late February 2152


Season 1
Season 3

Shockwave, Part 2
In which the crew are captives on their own ship and Sato loses her shirt

late February -
early March 2152

Log 2:1
In which Reed and Tucker deal with the fallout of the Suliban attack


March 2152

Log 2:2
In which Reed makes clandestine arrangements, and Tucker has problems with one of the crew

Carbon Creek
In which T'Pol provides dinner entertainment for Archer and Tucker

April 2152


In which Reed gets pinned to the ship, and we learn the name 'Romulan'

maybe still April 2152

Log 2:3
In which Tucker tries to deal while Reed is trapped on Enterprise's hull, and
we see the part of Archer and Reed's conversation they didn't show on telly


Dead Stop
In which a suspciciously spiffy spacestation fixes people and things…for a price

late April -
early May 2152

Log 2:4
In which Cormack is disturbed by a dream, and Reed begins recovery from his injuries

Log 2:5
In which the crew deal with a sudden death, Phlox and Douglas discuss the crew's health, and Reed and Tucker have an accident
Recreational Activities
In which we learn the secret behind Reed's broken nose in Log 2:5

A Night in Sickbay
In which Porthos pisses off the Kreetassins and we all pay the price for it

probably May 2152

Bedtime Stories
In which Tucker makes good on a promise

In which the crew get to play with big guns and bigger Klingons

perhaps June 2152

Log 2:6
In which Cutler deals with the fallout of Mayweather's "death", Tucker is dubious when the crew meet a new alien race with an engineering problem, Fraser has her first Alpha shift bridge duty, and
Cormack learns more about her dream

The Seventh
In which T'Pol discovers a surpressed memory from her time in the Vulcan Ministry of Security

it must be July 2152 by now

Log 2:7
In which we learn what the crew were up to in Archer's absence, and Fraser and Lawless exchange information

The Communicator
In which Reed carelessly loses his communicator, he and Archer are arrested as spies, and the gang seriously screw with an alien alien culture

In which Enterprise gets too close to a trinary star system with a Class 4 black hole and the crew gets very focussed

up to 14 August 2152


Log 2:8
In which Archer and Reed run into trouble on an alien planet, the crew are obsessed, and a challenge is accepted

Vanishing Point
In which Sato transports for the first time, and subsequently disappears

late August 2152

Log 2:9
In which the women enjoy another "girls' night", Lawless learns more than she bargained for, and Tucker and Reed play truant


early September 2152

Log 2:10
In which Sato and Cormack cook something up, Reed and Tucker celebrate Reed's birthday, and we learn the aftermath of Reed and Tucker's adventure

Movie Night
In which we see just how Reed and Tucker celebrated Reed's birthday after they finished dinner

Precious Cargo
In which Trip gets stuck with a pretty princess who's more wooden than most trees

The Catwalk
In which the crew are stuck in the catwalk while unpleasant aliens from the Takret Militia try to hijack Enterprise

12 - 18 September 2152


Log 2:11
In which Cormack has a distubing dream, and everybody could use a shower
Decon, The Movie
In which the women enjoy a home movie


late September 2152

Log 2:12
In which Cormack's news from home effects several crewmembers

Log 2:13
In which a secret kept, there's a fight and an unrelated reconciliation, and Reed and Tucker take another step forward

In which we meet the Arknoians when Tucker is shot down by one, and then stranded on a toasty moon with him

early October 2152

Log 2:14
In which the crew searches for Tucker, and Cormack gets more news from home

Log 2:15
In which Cormack and Fraser reach an understanding, Reed and Tucker do some rearranging, and Lawless's birthday is celebrated

Dinner and Dessert
In which Reed and Tucker enjoy some homemade confections

In which we meet Phlox's second wife, who has a hankering for Tucker,
and T'Pol deals with the consequences of listening to irritating "jazz Fusion"

November-ish 2152

Tied Up
In which Young is stuck in an uncomfortable situation with Rostov

Log 2:16
In which a number of the crew enjoy shore leave on Dekendi Three, Fraser faces a serious dilemma, and Cohn and Sato crush, but not on each other

A Gentlemen's Bet
In which the guys challenge one another
In which a bet is won and lost



Cease Fire
In which Archer must arbitrate between the Vulcans and the Andorian over a disputed planet

still November 2152

Log 2:17
In which a slow day on the ship sets minds wandering: Lawless confronts Fraser; exploration of a jungle moon brings unexpected dangers; Archer faces arbitration between the Vulcans and the Andorians; and Sato and Young get much closer

Log 2:18
In which the sickbay staff have their hands full, Lawless visits Cohn, Fraser and Cormack trade revelations, and Reed looks after Tucker while Tucker looks after the engines

Future Tense
In which Enterprise finds a derelict ship from Earth's future, and must fight the Suliban and the Tholians to keep it

November 2152 is a really long month

Log 2:19
In which a new game is begun, Cohn researches old movies, Tucker ponders the future, Sato and Young have a falling out

Log 2:20
In which lots of things blow up
Pinned Down
In which Rostov discovers that every action has an equal and opposite--and sometimes painful--reaction

Girls' Night In
In which Cormack and Fraser enjoy a night together

In which Archer and Tucker are arrested by the Enolians and must escape to avoid being sent to a penal colony called Canamar

at last it's December 2152


The Crossing
In which noncorporeal aliens take over some of the crew and try to hijack Enterprise


Log 2:21
In which we see what others of the crew faced during and after The Crossing, and Cormack and Young learn they have something in common


mid-December 2152
- 1 January 2153

Log 2:22
In which it's Young's turn to face a personal truth, Reed deals with what happend during The Crossing, Lawless refuses an offer off assistance, Cormack and Fraser celebrate Winter Solstice, the crew celebrate the New Year, and Sato learns something she didn't want to know

Log 2:23
In which Tucker learns an important piece of Reed's personal history

In which Archer is put on trial by the Klingons for crimes against the Empire

early January 2153


In which we meet some of Mayweather's family, and we learn that his brother has a chip on his shoulder larger than Richard III's hump

+/-10 January 2153

Log 2:24
In which help is sought, confessions are made, letters arrive, and people watch a lot of Frankenstein movies

The Breach
In which Phlox deals with a recalcitrant patient, and Tucker, Reed, and Mayweather go spelunking

In which Tucker makes mistakes that would have made more sense coming from Sato, and an innocent person dies

more January 2153



February 2153

Log 2:25
In which Archer has the flu, Cutler and Cohn run into serious problems on a frozen planet, and people become spontaneously psychic

Log 2:26
In which more help is sought, more confessions are made, we learn why people spontaneouly became psychic, and some fences begin to mend

In which the Borg assimilate some people, and then leave without telling us who they are
(The Borg are so rude!)

24 February -
1 March 2153


First Flight
In which Archer learns that his old rival has died, bringing on a series of flashback scenes

still March 2153


In which Archer is abducted by a Tellerite bounty hunter who wants to sell him to the Klingons

21 March 2153



29 March 2153

Birthday Spankings
In which there's a kink in Cormack's birthday celebrations with Fraser


end of March -
24 April 2153

Log 2:27
In which Tucker and Reed take yet another step forward, there's another "girls' poker night", some friends watch a baseball game, and bad things happen to Earth

The Expanse
In which Earth is attacked, Archer is visited by Silik, and Enterprise enters the Expanse

24 April 2153 -
much later in the year


We're officially AU now, so if you see this colour text here it simply means
"not in this 'verse, thankyouverymuch".

Season 1
Season 2


24 April -
2 July 2153

Log 3:1
In which the crew voice their thoughts as Enterprise travels back to Earth


6 - 7 July 2153

Log 3:2
In which some of the crew move forward with their lives while others mire themselves in the painful present

Take It Out Back
In which Lawless and Cohn check out the comforts to be found behind the 602 Club

Log 3:3
In which decisions are reached, shore leave is taken, and we finally get back on the road to the Expanse


Mid-July -
Early September 2153

Log 3:4
In which we meet several new people, Tucker and Reed sort some things out, things get weirder for Lawless and Cohn, we and catch up to the series at last

The Xindi
In which MACOs are introduced, Tucker gets his vengeance on, Phlox pimps out T'Pol, and we see a new face of the Xindi

Septemberish 2153


In which pirates attack, we learn a lot of useful stuff about the Expanse, someone finally dies, Phlox pimps T'Pol some more, and Archer gets kind of scary

Late Septemberish 2153

Log 3:5
In which a lot of Anomaly happens, Phlox is sneaky and clever, and Archer gives some thought to his own personal scariness


Early Octoberish 2153

Log 3:6
In which lots of personal shit goes down, hits the fan, and gets cleaned up, and Phlox is sneaky and clever once again

In which there's more T/T'P nonsense, members of the crew are mutated by a virus, and Phlox works miracles once again

Late Octoberish 2153

Log 3:7
In which some more shit hits the fan and gets cleaned up, Bowman gets sneaky and clever, and Archer contemplates something the show entirely failed to capitalize on

In which a pretty blonde chick uses her natural abilities to take biometric scans of Archer, Sato, and T'Pol so that the Xindi reptilians can make a nasty bioweapon

In which a ship of Vulcan zombies--made crazy by trellium-D poisoning--try to kill Archer, T'Pol, Reed, and Hawkins, and Tucker and Mayweather mine some ore from an asteroid

In which Sato wears really inappropriate clothing while spending time with an exiled telepathic alien, and Archer and Tucker do a little spacewalking on the surface of another sphere

Late Octoberish 2153


The Shipment
In which Archer, Reed, and Hayes terrorize a Xindi arboreal whose plant is manufacturing kemocite--a vital component in the Xindi weapon

Early November 2153

Log 3:8
In which Tucker isn't the only resident insomniac, Archer and Reed learn a little more about the various Xindi species, Cormack and Bowman learn a little more about each other, and Cohn makes an interesting discovery


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